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In 1980 Hornby introduced a Scalextric Model of the Capri, they produced various versions up until 1993.

The C117 Capri 3.00l was the initial model in a fairly typical Hornby livery for the day, with very bold red graphics on a black shell. The livery itself was not fabulously attractive and was only in the range until 1981. A variation does exist which has a tampo print error. The normal version of the car has a bold red side stripe with four vertical slashes to the rear of the stripe. The more unusual version has these slashes to the front (Tampo'd on the wrong side) This particular variation adds about 50% to the value!

The C300 Capri Introduced in 1982, this was the replacement for the C117, again red and black but this time a red car with a black tampo printed roof, white stripes down the length of the car and flames on the bonnet. This was the first of the Capri's to feature working lights and so has a slightly modified underpan. The bumpers, boot , aerofoil and mirrors were now chrome plated.

C311 This was white with red and black Flames tampo printed on the bonnet and sides of the car, there are two versions of this model, the first with chrome trim parts (as with C300) The second was fitted with front and rear spoilers instead of bumpers and a huge boot mounted wing.

C326 An interim model only available during 1985. This car was introduced mid-season to bolster a fairly small range and never appeared in that years catalogue(number26). The car was liveried to duplicate 'The General Lee' a Dodge charger featured in the then popular TV series 'The Duke of Hazard'. As with the TV car it was bright orange with a confederate flag on the roof. It had black bumpers. boot spoiler and mirrors. The car disappeared by the time the 1986 range was introduced and is consequently one of the few Scalextric Models produced that does not feature in a catalogue. Because of its short production time it is difficult to obtain.

C379 Introduced in 1986 (catalogue number 27) This was the longest running variation of the Capri remaining in catalogues until 1993 (catalogue 34) The livery was yellow with blue tampo print and as with C311 type had front and rear spoilers and that huge wing (this time moulded in the same medium blue as the roof tampo)

This would have been the end of the story, except for a conversation between a Capri Club Member and Scale Models, resulting in the production for the Capri Club International of a further two Capri's C2059 & C2060 so "Keeping the Capri Legend Alive"

Our thanks to Phil Etgart for his contribution to this resume

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