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Swanflight.com & TeamSCALEXTRIC glide in to
the MINI CHALLENGE with a bevy of Coopers. 

UK MINI CHALLENGE drivers Simon Walton and Adrian Norman team up to form 
"Swanflight.com TeamSCALEXTRIC" which will be managed by newly formed Rob Sims Racing. 

Simon Walton, 49, factory manager of Swanflight.com, first raced in Schoolboy Motocross and then off-road motorsport quad bike racing where he went on to win the British Masters. Simon watched MINI CHALLENGE on TV and immediately new that was his next motorsport adventure. 

Adrian Norman, 59, who works for SCALEXTRIC, is also a latecomer to motorsport. Adrian, now in his third year of motorsport, formed TeamSCALEXTRIC in 2012 and competed in the UK MINI CHALLENGE in 2012 and 2013 with team mate Patrick Mortimer. 

In 2014, Simon and Adrian have will campaign their BMW MINI Coopers in the Cooper class of MINI CHALLENGE in a new "Swanflight.com TeamSCALEXTRIC" livery with both cars sharing a distinctive, eye-catching orange livery. 

The team will be managed by Rob Sims Racing. Rob and his team bring many years of competitive racing experience to the two-car team. The new team came about as a consequence of a good working relationship producing excellent race performance and results for both drivers under individual guidance in the 2013 MINI Challenge season. 

Race team manager Rob Sims said; "I am delighted that Simon Walton (Swanflight.com) and Adrian Norman (SCALEXTRIC) have expressed desire to be part of this team in the Mini Challenge. The team will work on Quality, Efficiency, Detail, Low Stress, Fun and enjoyable racing. With all of this in place then results will soon follow." 

Team member Adrian Norman said; "Simon and I both worked with Rob Sims so productively in the 2013 season that joining forces for a more focused campaign in the 2014 MINI CHALLENGE series made perfect sense. 
We are all looking forward very optimistically to a fruitful partnership. We have a growing ground-base of support from our Scalextric fans and sponsors who we hope will come and see us race again this year."

Scalextric and MINI fans can follow the action over the summer on Facebook (Scalextric), Twitter (@Scalextric and #MINICHALLENGE), and www.minichallenge.co.uk  with minute-by-minute live updates and video clips bringing the Scalextric toy to life.

"Swanflight TeamSCALEXTRIC": with thanks to sponsors -

Scale Models - http://www.scalemodels.co.uk/ 
Pendle Slot Racing - http://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/ 
RUSC - http://www.reallyusefulsparescompany.co.uk/ (www.rusc.me) 
SLN - http://www.sln-slotracing.nl/ 
NSCC - http://www.nscc.co.uk/ 
MPiD Design Works Creative - http://www.workscreative.co.uk/ 

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