Descriptions of Second Hand cars

Please note: All of our second-hand cars are checked and are in working condition.
These descriptions also apply similarly to second-hand books and catalogues etc.

NEWNew stock from manufacturer, not pre-owned
Typically only used on pages where there is a mix of New and Pre-Owned models
Absolutely perfect. New and definitely unused. As it left the factory, no factory flaws.
MB indicates Mint Boxed
MBAG indicates Mint in Bag
MOC indicates Mint On Card
MWC indicates Mint car With Card
EXCExcellent, as mint but has had, or is believed to have had, some minor use
VG+Very good plus = no marks, scratches or flaws but has had some use
VGNo damage to the body, but may have some repro. parts or decal/stickers.
GOODShowing signs of use but no significant faults or flaws.
FAIRShowing significant signs of use. May have flaws or have been repaired. (Details of flaws/repairs given.)
POORHeavily used, damaged, incomplete or spare donor car only.
Boxed, added to any of the above descriptions.
Box in Fair condition
Box in Good condition, etc.
RBRepro Box, added to any of the above descriptions