Shipping Costs

Shipping of cars is charged on a per car basis. The cost of shipping per
car decreases as the number of cars increases. The following table
explains the mechanism used. If you use our secure online ordering
mechanism, shipping costs are calculated automatically for you.

Please note that we will charge shipping at the actual rate if it is less
than the shown or calculated rate. Note also that if there is an error
in the calculation process, for instance the wrong destination zone is
used, then we will charge the actual rate even if it is higher than the
calculated rate.

Shipping charges per car (UK Pounds)

Destination        1st car  Rest      Min      Max
UK Standard *       1.95     1.25     0.60    20.00
Europe Standard     4.00     1.95     1.25
Europe Signed For   8.00     1.95     8.00
World  Standard     5.00     3.95     1.35
World  Signed For   8.50     3.95     8.50

* UK Signed For available at an additional charge of  3.50

Example: 6 cars to Europe =  13.75
( 4.00+ 1.95+ 1.95+ 1.95+ 1.95+ 1.95)
Note: Maximum UK shipping charge  20.00
Minimum shipping charges apply to small orders
and do not apply to Signed For deliveries.
(Rates revised 16 Mar 07)

Shipping for books, accessories and spares is calculated at either a
percentage or a multiple of a car, based on weight. The values used
are shown on the appropriate product pages.

Typical Shipping Rates

Item          Band Rate Number of items
                        equivalent to 1 car
Spares          D    7%    15
Motors          C   20%     5
Track (small)   C   20%     5
Track (std)     B   50%     2
Car             A  100%     0
Buildings       W  150%    ==1.5 cars
2-car packs     X  200%    ==2 cars!
Sliding Curve   V  400%    ==4 cars
Power base      Y  700%    ==7 cars
Sets (typical)  Z 3000%    ==30 cars, ie:
                           UK     20.00 (max)
                           Europe 55.75
                           World  98.10
Selected Items  0  FREE
Special Items   *  Rate as stated on page

Shipping of all other items is at cost, and based on the weight of the
items. We will add shipping to the value of your order. If you need
confirmation of the shipping charges prior to shipment, please state
this clearly on your order.

Missing Parcels

If you are concerned that your order has not arrived please contact us by telephone or email to obtain a date of dispatch and details of the postal service used.
In the unfortunate circumstance if Scale Models have dispatched a parcel to you and it does not arrive within the parcel carriers allocated delivery time please contact them to make a claim.

Royal Mail customer service 08457 740 740
Parcel Force customer service 08708 501150
City Link enquiries 08700 007 007
UPS customer service 08457 877 877

Scale Models cannot be held responsible for items not delivered after they have been dispatched.