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re launch one week on ……

One week on – we have been thrilled by all the kind and positive comments re the New Web Site –
Thank You, we appreciate the feedback, and we were able to sort the menus for tablets quickly because a customer advised he was having a problem. We keep adding items all the time and will happily add additional menu tabs if people think they are required. You can sort ‘BY LATEST’ , so we hope you will visit often.

Monday will see the release of the 2021 UKSF car – they were already ordered, so have to be sold. We will get them on the site first thing.  Scalextric have done us proud again.

Whilst we will not have a Slot Fest this year, talks are under way to see if we can organise a Festive Slot in December at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon.

Stay safe.


Julie Scale

1 thought on “re launch one week on ……

  1. The new website is great and easier to use then the old one. Superb work.

    Please can you increase the range of RUSC tyres? Maybe cover other older and even recent Scalextric cars and AutoArt, MRRC etc.

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